Usd-core compatible with Python 3.11.4?


is the current version of the usd-core compatible with Python 3.11.4? I’m trying to install the usd-core to Cinema 4D 2024 for a custom export script and this version of Cinema 4D has Py3.11.4.

If I try to install the library with c4dpython + pip it says:

*ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement usd-core (from versions: none) *
ERROR: No matching distribution found for usd-core

And if I manually copy the library into the c4d libraries folder, it doesn’t work.

So my little confusion starts since the usd-core Pypi website appears compatible with Python 3.11, so maybe the minor .4 versions break something?

Or maybe I’m doing something wrong or there is something wrong with this C4D version because it works perfectly with C4D 2023.

Maybe someone knows something about this.


I see the requires on PyPi set as Requires: Python >=3.6, <3.11 which means that it won’t support 3.11

USD needs to be built with a newer version of Boost to support Python 3.11. The default build script for USD defaults to Boost 1.77, whereas Python 3.11 needs Boost 1.82 or higher if I recall correctly.

@sunya Would it be okay to bump the Boost version in the to 1.82 or higher when it detects Python 3.11? I can file an issue or a PR accordingly. But it would help get USD ready for VFX Platform 2023 as well

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You are right, I misunderstood the <3.11, I thought it was <=3.11.

As you said, it would be great if there is a possibility to update Boost to 1.82 in order to get USD compatible with VFX Platform 2023.


@dhruvgovil Yes, I think that’s reasonable – IIRC we did something similar for Python 3.10. There are other folks who have asked for this as well, so if you’re able to file a PR that’d be great, but even just an issue for tracking purposes would be super helpful. Thanks!

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Filed Use Boost 1.82 for Python 3.11 · Issue #2741 · PixarAnimationStudios/OpenUSD · GitHub and opened Enable Python 3.11 builds with Boost 1.82 by dgovil · Pull Request #2742 · PixarAnimationStudios/OpenUSD · GitHub