How to make USD toolset work on Mac

Hi experts,

I used Python 3.9.13 to build the USD 24.03 toolset on MacOS, but when I use other Python versions to run the toolset, such as usddiff, it reports:
python3 crashed. FATAL ERROR: Failed axiom: ’ Py_IsInitialized() ’
in operator() at line 163 of /Users/baiw/USD/pxr/base/tf/pyTracing.cpp

Is this a bug or as design?

The command to build USD toolset as follow:
python3 USD/build_scripts/
–build-target universal
–build-args TBB,


Hi , apologies for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, Python’s compatibility with compiled projects like USD is not stable across different Python versions. Something compiled for 3.9 will not work with 3.10 for example.

You’d have to recompile per Python version.