The VFX platform supported by USD

hello, I’d like to ask when the VFX platform supported by USD will be upgraded?
The reason why there is this problem is because I recently had some problems when building USD, I found that the problem is caused by the incompatibility between USD using Boost 1.78 and Python 3.11.
I checked that USD currently supports VFXPlatform2020, he is already a very old version, so I want to ask, when will the subsequent USD be upgraded to the new VFXPlatform version

We are working on adopting VFX2022, and are getting close - thanks!

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To add to what Spiff said, I should also mention that USD does build against CY2023 if you opt to not use the build python script and instead pass in the dependencies to CMake yourself. I haven’t tried CY2024 but I’m pretty confident that works too.

So it’s probably just a matter of upgrading the Python scripts and testing for the official repo. Definitely not ideal but it hopefully shouldn’t be a blocker for anyone building with CMake directly.

Just as a headsup, I moved this to the Build and Deployment category. I just wanted to mention that so it isn’t a surprise.

@dhruvgovil @spiff thanks reply

@change Did you figure out how to build with Python 3.11?

I am trying a newer version of boost (1.81) to avoid this problem :
fixed here : Fix enum_type_object type on Python 3.11 · boostorg/python@a218bab · GitHub

But I am running into other compilation issues in doing so…

Thanks in advance!

In order to maintain compatibility, I just remove boost package enum.cpp error line.
The path is “{BuildPath}/src/boost_1_78_0/libs/python/src/object/enum.cpp” line 116.

Stop1: run
Stop2: del enum.cpp error line
Stop3: del boost package(del build boost package, not del boost src)
Stop4: run again(this stop is not download boost package, only build boost package)