PickFromRenderBuffer - Missing Normal Data?

The PickFromRenderBuffer task never seems to populate the normalBufferPath in the HdxPickFromRenderBufferTaskParams, so when the HdxPickFromRenderBufferTask is executed to evaluate a hit location and normal, the normal is never returned.

Is this by design, or just an oversight? I notice the hdStorm uses a completely different Pick task to all other delegates, and that always returns the normal. HdStorm uses HdxPickTask, and that includes setting up an Neye AOV to get the normal pass information, and thus you always get normal information back.

  • Simon.

Seems like an oversight. When using a renderer other than Storm, the HdxTaskController does not currently add normal to the AOVs for the render task, and thus, it’s missing from the PickFromRenderBufferTask parameters as well.