Usdview/record ignores subd normals


Usdview (and record too) seems to ignore subd normals, increasing complexity adds more geometry, but the normals stay the same, resulting in smooth shading on the high res mesh compared to the same mesh with subdivisions baked into the geometry.

See attached screen shots of a cube mesh with a crease weight of 10, showing the same normals and shading with complexity low and very high and then compared with subd baked into the mesh instead.

very high



The screenshots are from the latest 24.03 compiled from source, but it can also be observed with older versions and with storm in houdini.


Hi @ben , this does seem likely a Hydra Storm problem, so reclassifying the post. It would be interesting if you were able to try hdPrman, but in any case, if you can file an Issue on GitHub with the two usd files, that would be great - thanks!

Hi @spiff, Renderman renders subd with proper normals, so does Karma, seems to be just Storm having that issue.
I did file an issue on GitHub here.

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