Open Exec Question

The siggraph USD BOF was great (if a little packed and sweaty…), and I wanted to follow by asking if any of the info has been officially posted. In particular I’m curious about the Open Exec info, I keep getting asked about it and I’d love to point folk to even just a blurb on a website. Or a post on this new forum!

– Paul

If it helps, the two links @florianz put up during the BoF were

Wow, those are some deep dives into presto exec! Thanks for the link Dhruv, I was hoping for just the open exec slide, but that’s definitely a great resource to put there.

@pkanyuk we are trying to get just the Pixar slides of the BoF published. Stay tuned for that. It usually takes a little bit of time to get through legal approvals.

EDIT: I am also happy to answer any additional questions here on the forums.