SIGGRAPH 2023, Open Source Days 2023, etc. Sessions Round-Up

Hi everyone. I wanted to start this thread to round-up all of the USD-related recordings, slide decks, and resources from the recent conferences. I think it will be helpful for those that were not able to attend and it’d nice to have one place to refer to when you want to revisit.

Open Source Days


If there are any other slide decks that you can share publicly or anything that I missed, please reply and I can update this post accordingly.


Thanks for this, much appreciated!

Wow! Thank you so much for collating all the material!

Aaaayye! That’s a great list. Thanks for making it!

Super helpful! Thanks!

Great List! Would love to add the slides from the ‘State of 3D Asset Interoperability using USD and glTF’ BOF from SIGGRAPH. This deep-dive session was led by experts such as Patrick Cozzi from Cesium, Guido Quaroni from Adobe, Henrik Edstrom from Autodesk, Eric Haines from NVIDIA, Marc Petit from Epic Games, and Alexey Medvedev from Meta.
Slides from this session can be found here: Presentation & Video Library - Metaverse Standards Forum

  • USD and glTF, a user’s perspective, Presentation by Eric Haines
  • PBR Material Interoperability, Presentation by Henrik Edstrom
  • Interoperability between USD and glTF, Presentation by Guido Quaroni
  • Collaboration Paths for glTF and USD Presentation by Alexey Medvedev
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Welcome everyone! Glad to see you here!

Alex, thank you for contributing those PDFs. I’ve updated the original posts to include those.

Does anyone know if the Siggraph 2023 Pixar USD, Hydra & OpenSubdiv BOF recording/deck is or will become available?

We are working on publishing the Pixar components of the deck, with presenter notes, @michaelblain .


This so helpful! Thanks for sharing

The slides/notes from Pixar’s 2023 OpenUSD, Hydra, and OpenSubdiv BoF are up on! Downloads and Videos — Universal Scene Description 23.11 documentation

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Thanks @jesswang! I can’t edit the original post to add the link at the top anymore because the post is too old. It’s configurable, but it makes sense why Discourse has the security feature: Free to edit post at any time - #5 by sam - feature - Discourse Meta