ASWF USD Working Group presentations

Hi all,

We’ve uploaded five new presentation recordings to the ASWF wiki. Going forward, we’ll cross-post future recordings in this topic.

These presentations join a long list of previous presentation recordings:


I’m getting page not found for these? (mostly the ones near the bottom of your list)

I also wonder whether these were supposed to be the same one - or whether there really were two talks. Anyway, link to the 2023 one does work, but the other (as listed in my list above it) does not.

Good catch! Apparently they got moved? I’ll upload the videos again and fix the links. There are indeed two Adobe presentations. Guido gave an update in 2022 and 2023.

While we’re still recovering the old recordings, here a new presentation from today: OpenUSD for a 3D Cloud by Jiwen Cai & Egor Yusov.

New presentation recording: Unicode UTF-8 Identifiers in OpenUSD by Edward Slavin (NVIDIA). Also available as PDF.


New presentation recording: Transcoding: A better TfMakeValidIdentifier by Miguel Hernandez (NVIDIA). Also available as PPTX.


Two new presentation recordings from the USD Assets group:


New presentation recording: USDText Proposal by Ashwin Bhat. Also available as PDF.

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New presentation recording: An Introduction to IIIF 3D by Thomas Flynn and Ronald Haynes.

Two new presentation recordings:

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