Looking for advice on starting to contribute to core USD


I’m looking for issues in the core USD repo that would be approachable for someone trying to improve C++ skills. I’ve coded it C++ on and off over the years but it’s been awhile so it feels like I’m starting over.

I started looking through the open issues on GitHub and it’s not clear which issues are currently being looked at, or which might be manageable as a ‘good first issue’. I realize tagging everything properly is time consuming but even some advice on filtering through what may or may not be currently worked on internally would be helpful.

Thanks for any help / guidance!

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@jesswang maybe we could add a “good first issue” tag on GitHub ?

A few of the aswf projects have started doing this.

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I like it! I’ve added the label as an option in the Github repo.

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Awesome. Thanks! I’ll see if I can scrounge through a few and send your way later to see if they might be good fits


Some suggestions:

  1. Once @varun has the new usdchecker, it would be a good place for beginners to add tests and learn the C++ API

Some issues that I could recommend.

@herbst in general tends to do a great job filing rough edges that should be beginner friendly to resolve.

  1. There are a few issues in mildly esoteric setups that could be optimized out

I don’t think this one is even Mac specific, just container specific for example

  1. If you want to get familiar with the build system, there are issues around python packaging for pypi like

Another that I know has been requested but I can’t find the issue for is including some of the command line tools as part of pypi

That’s just a quick scrub of what I think would be fairly beginner friendly tasks to tackle if someone had the time.

Thanks for looking into this @dhruvgovil. I’ll keep an eye out for the new usdchecker and take a deeper look at the others. Appreciate the help!