ASWF USD Working Group | 2024-01-31

Hi everyone,

The USD working group is meeting tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, January 31st at 1pm Pacific (PST) . Everyone is welcome to join.

The agenda for this meeting is:

  • USD sub-working group updates
  • USD proposals roundup
  • Matt Kuruc: State of Boost in OpenUSD
  • Anders Langlands: OpenUSD C bindings
  • Paolo Selva: instancing discussion
    • memory usage for offline renders
    • instancing prototypes

Meeting link (LFX registration is optional):

Meeting notes can be found here:

Please feel free to reach out to us, comment below or come to the meeting with new items, question, and ideas - all are welcome!



thank you for sharing the minutes, it was a very interesting read.

I am especially interested in how the language bindings are being handled through the Babble generator, because we would like to provide full USD bindings for the Godot Engine.

I noticed that the Babble repository links had a typo in it - I added the correct links as suggestions to the document. (Maybe the sharing settings could be changed to only allow comments / suggestions to avoid possible vandalism.)

Kind regards,
Gergely Kis