usdImagingGLengine couldn't render right pose with Usdskeleton value change

Hello everyone, I encountered an issue while using usdImagingGLengine to render models. When I read the ‘restTransform’ property data of UsdSkelSkeleton prim, modify it, and write it back to the ‘restTransform’ property, I can obtain real-time transformed skeleton data. However, the appearance of the model rendered in usdImagingGLengine does not change with the skeleton transformation. It always remains in a fixed pose unless I reload the usd file. In order to render the model correctly matching the current skeleton data, I need to reload the usd stage. Is anyone else facing this issue? How can I solve it? Thank you very much for your help!


This sounds like a bug in the UsdSkelSkeleton drawing code. If you file a github issue we can take a look at it, or you’re welcome to take a look at the usdSkelImaging code on github. I suspect when we get a USD notice of the rest transform changing, we aren’t giving hydra the correct update notice.