OCIO Applied To HdStorm OpenGl Output

I’ve got a hydra viewport (based on a QOpenGLWidget showing the HdStorm render output) and in the paintGl call just before I call Render on the UsdImagingGLEngine, I set the ocioDisplay and ocioView parameters of the passed UsdImagingGLRenderParams to a valid value, but I don’t see any change in the actual displayed output though. My assumption is that by doing this I can essentially change the displayed OpenGl window to use the OCIO mapping. What am I missing here? Any help here would be appreciated!

Details: The OCIO plugin is built and can follow the render calls down into the _CreateOpenColorIOResources function, so everything i’m passing in looks valid. USD v23.08, OCIO v2.3.0, C++, Windows.