Most portable USD material approach

I was wondering what the most portable way of putting a PNG/JPG into a material was. I mainly use Omniverse where MDL is common, but there use UsdPreviewSurface. Is there a “really portable” approach for materials? I am just after simple materials.

I had some code doing depth map projections where you take an image and a depth map greyscale for the image, then project it on to a distorted mesh. I was going to share as a python command line script rather than an Omniverse extension, then realized I did not know how to do the material. I assume UsdPreviewSurface… but when I tried what I thought would work in Omniverse, it failed. Hence this request for an example of a “very portable” way of putting a simple texture onto a mesh.


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Most portable will be UsdPreviewSurface , but as you’ve discovered, that can vary by app as well.

For example different DCCs may have different opinions on what a PBR is. Blender for example will import it but doesn’t really have a concept of occlusion maps etc…

But yeah in general, maximum portability will be UsdPreviewSurface. Maya and Blender will both generate good reference files in that regard if you’re looking for something to go off of

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