Is there a way to disable MSAA for HdStorm?


I saw in taskController.cpp, there’s a variable to define MSAA sample count at, but anyone know is there a way to disable MSAA completely for Storm Renderer?


I meant will change MSAA_SAMPLE_COUNT to 0 disable MSAA completely?
// XXX: WBN to expose this to the application.
static const uint32_t MSAA_SAMPLE_COUNT = 4;

Hi Keli,

The render buffer has a “multisampled” flag; if this is disabled, Storm won’t use MSAA. You can set this here, for example: by setting multiSampled = false in the AOV descriptor.
Hope that helps!

Hi Tom,

Thanks, it works! BTW, for the sample count, any plan to expose it to application?


Down the road this seems like an excellent storm-centric addition to UsdRenderSettings. Given that it’s easy to configure per-application, we haven’t heard many requests to change it specifically in usdview.

Hi Tom,

Do we have any other similar storm-centric additions in UsdRenderSettings? If UsdRenderSettings can hold storm-centric addition in general, that sounds a great proposal.