Chat channel for Open USD Python API beginner questions

Hello USD variant friends.

Do any active Chat channels exist for Open USD Python API beginner noob questions?

This seems to be for more experienced users
so I’d prefer not to spam the forum with simple beginner questions.

The Discord Pixar USD User Group sadly does not seem to have much traffic.


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Hi @moa.hunt

We don’t have a specific category to differentiate between beginners and more experienced folk. This community area was meant to be for everyone equally.

@andybeers was suggesting that we create a beginners category to reduce the intimidation factor so I’ll look into how the other mods feel about it today.

The ASWF slack also has a USD channel that you can join at though I would also encourage posting here in addition since forums can be great for others to find the same questions down the road.

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Thanks for the Slack channel link!
To avoid too many forum Categories, perhaps something like a ‘beginner’ Tag would suffice.

I just created a beginner tag and added it to your post here. I also added it to the default set of tags that peoples navigations will show.

I’m not entirely sure if a tag is sufficient, but that’s mostly because I haven’t got a sense yet for how people approach things when they join a forum. But lets see how that goes.


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If you have a “beginner” question, someone else probably has it too or will have it and it is best to ask it here. The advantage of asking it here is that it will be indexed by search engines to be discovered and rediscovered easily. We haven’t had that with other channels like usd-interest, Slack, Discord, etc.

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