Welcome to the forum for Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD)! 🎉

Welcome to the forum for Alliance for OpenUSD! This category is for announcements from the AOUSD.

You can learn more about the Alliance for OpenUSD in our Press Release.

This forum will enable a vibrant community to thrive around the use of Universal Scene Description in pipelines and technologies worldwide. We hope to make it an accessible venue for the community as we all move forward together.

Please note, the AOUSD forum is the successor to the usd-interest Google Group. In the coming weeks, the usd-interest Google Group will be made “read only”, and redirect users to this new forum.

The AOUSD forum will enable us to provide better tools to the community to build a high-quality platform for long-term knowledge sharing and collaboration. It serves as a complement to the existing Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) community, and to the work that will happen in the Alliance for OpenUSD.

At launch, our forum will start with the following categories - with more to come in the future.


  • Announcements
    • Where we’ll share news and updates for the OpenUSD project, and the work from the Alliance for OpenUSD


  • USD
    • Where you can get help and find support in your USD journey
  • Hydra
    • Where you can get help and find support in your Hydra journey
  • Build and Deployment
    • Where you can get build support for USD

This is a Public Forum with certain guidelines. Before posting, we recommend you read the Terms of Use that apply.

As we develop this community, please remember to treat each other with respect.

We’re excited to have this new avenue for the USD community and can’t wait to see what we all make together.


Are there any specific conditions for becoming an general member of AOUSD?

Hi lio! Here’s the section on the AOUSD webpage regarding membership with the finer details: https://aousd.org/#membership

High level, general membership requirements include:

  • Signature/approval to the membership agreement by an authorized representative
  • Linux Foundation membership
  • An annual membership fee

Hope that helps! (And I invite anyone to chime in if I missed anything!)

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Thanks Jessica,i already read those doc. before i asked. What i mean is there are some specific conditions like:

  • Codding contribution to the OpenUSD

  • Business or technical success of 3D content

As we know, current members are leaders in the 3D industry! We are unsure if we will be able to join as members if we do not have a successful track record in this industry.

Hi Lio! Everyone is welcome to be a member :slight_smile:
The diversity of voices and experiences is what makes the community vibrant and special!

I have a USD-related job post. Is there a thread on the forum where it would be appropriate to post an academic position?

Hi @aaronbergstrom ,
At this time we aren’t supporting job postings on this forum as we’re focusing largely on technical discussion. The Academy Software Foundation has a Jobs channel on their slack which can be joined at slack.aswf.io

Thanks for the guidance! I will look into posting the position in the ASF slack channel.