Usdrecord: lighting setup, dome lights, transparency

Hi, got a question about usdrecord. From looking at the code, it’s not clear to me how it decides what lighting setup to use, and if the background renders transparent or not, and wonder how that could be better controlled.

  • in a scene without any lights some default lights are used
  • in a scene with a DomeLight the DomeLight and the default lights are used, leading to unintended overexposure
  • in a scene without DomeLight, the background is transparent
  • in a scene with DomeLight, the background is opaque (the dome)

What I’d like to do:

  • being able to provide a DomeLight and have the default lights not be used
  • being able to provide a DomeLight and still get a transparent background

Currently usdrecord will always add a default camera light, if you want to disable this then add the --disableCameraLight argument when running usdrecord.
As for dome light background visibility, right now this is always on, however, there is PR to add the ability to toggle this off so that should be added in the near future.

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Thanks @klucknav! Super helpful

Thank you, that helps! Hope the PR lands soon :crossed_fingers: