The latest on the USD Compatibility Guide


I noticed this USD compatibility guide hasn’t been updated since 2021:

If it is no longer maintained it would be nice to start the conversation here, ideally we can have a guide that shows which USD and compiler (cross-platform) versions would be best to choose to work with Maya, Houdini, Unreal, Katana, etc.

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Oh interesting. I didn’t realize that existed but it definitely sounds very useful.

@blevin any thoughts about how the community could help revive that?

Hi Dhruv – I’m almost certain your message was intended for Alan Blevins, the author of the guide, but I’m not sure if he has joined this AOUSD forum yet.

Ah apologies! It was.
I’ll bring it up in the USD-WG slack and see if the community there has some thoughts.

Thanks for letting me know I got the wrong person!