Shadows when creating USD scenes

I’m attempting to create a mesh that consists of two cards - one in front of the other, where when rendered (using Storm) with a light source directly in front, the front card shades the back one. The issue is that there’s no shadow being produced:

Screenshot 2024-02-16 105414

I found this post (Turn on Shadows in USDView - #4 by spiff) saying that Storm doesn’t support shadows (I’m guessing this means one object cannot shade another), however I can see that objects clearly have the ability to shade themselves - the back half of the top is shaded:

Screenshot 2024-02-16 105824

So I’m attempting to define both cards as part of the same Mesh in hopes that maybe this will allow one to shade the other, but not having any success with it so far. Does anyone know if this will be possible?

I’ve attached my usda files here for reference:
sample_billboard.usda (2.2 KB)
test_scene.usda (973 Bytes)

Hi @kaigg , in your picture of the top, what you’re seeing is not a shadow (I think), but looks to me like the effect of a fixed light source off to the right such that the surface normals of the faces on the left side are facing away from the light.

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