Real time collaboration using OpenUSD

Hi there,
I am interested in exploring real-time collaboration using the OpenUSD framework. Particularly, in the context of 3D CAD modeling and associated applications like Simulation/CAM, etc.

Say multiple designers are designing their products either using different instances of the same CAD application or different CAD applications or a combination of CAD, Simulation and CAM and other 3D content creation applications that all support USD plugins.

Now, can all these designers work in real time on a single complex scene or separate scenes but referring to each other’s work so that one designer changing the contents of the part of the scene he/she working on notifies other designers referring to that piece of the scene?

Is there support for it already in OpenUSD? NVIDIA seem to have written some connector that connects all such applications through their Omniverse framework. Is there something similar in OpenUSD that enables this real time change notification/incorporation of changes ?

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi @Vadi, no there is no built-in support in OpenUSD for realtime collaborative editing across multiple applications and/or users. There may be other solutions out there, but Omniverse/Connector is the one I’m most aware of.