Potential change in visibility for point instancing when using Scene Index pipeline

It looks like when using UsdImagingPiPrototypePropagatingSceneIndex, pointinstancer prototypes now live under the original prototype location (whereas previously they lived under the pointinstancer). I assume as a result, they now inherit invisibility from a parent scope.

Concretely, when not using the Stage Scene Index pipeline, the following USD snippet results in a visible instance of the sphere; when using the new pipeline the instance is invisible.

def Scope "prototypes"
    token visibility = "invisible"
    def Sphere "sphere"
        double radius = 1

def PointInstancer "instancer"
    point3f[] positions = [(0, 0, 0)]
    int[] protoIndices = [0]
    rel prototypes = </prototypes/sphere>

Is this an expected change? A bug I should log?

I’m being bold and saying “feels like a bug” :slight_smile:

Thanks for filing, Rob! Yes, it does seem like a bug. We’ll investigate!