OpenTimelineIO Schema proposal

Hi all,

Signly presented a proposal for the representation of arbitrary time-series data as OpenTimelineIO data (within OpenUSD), at the 27th March WG meeting following a similar presentation to the OTIO TSC on 14th March. We’ve also presented this proposal to the Omniverse community on Discord (usd).

On advice of some of the WG attendees, we’ve now submitted a draft proposal through the USD-Proposals process.
We’re interested in feedback on the proposal and working together with others that might have similar needs for time-series data in USD.

Meeting agenda & minutes: ASWF USD Working Group | 2024-03-27

Meeting presentation: OpenUSD-proposals/proposals/usdotio/OpenTimelineIO & OpenUSD.pdf at main · md84419/OpenUSD-proposals · GitHub

USD-Proposal text: OpenUSD-proposals/proposals/usdotio/ at main · md84419/OpenUSD-proposals · GitHub

USD-Proposal PR #44: Use of OpenTimelineIO for arbitrary time-series data by md84419 · Pull Request #44 · PixarAnimationStudios/OpenUSD-proposals · GitHub

USD PR #2995: Created usdotio python script to add or extract .otio data from USD by ggarra13 · Pull Request #2995 · PixarAnimationStudios/OpenUSD · GitHub

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