Nvidia Omniverse and Isaac Sim - Actual tool or just marketing?

Hi Everyone, I’m a PhD student at Swansea University UK. I’m trying to figure out how to implement AI into industrial robotics. I’m a 3D CAD designer and teacher of Solidworks, catia and similar platforms, and I would love to know resources and other material to work with. Tutorials on YouTube are elementary and far from the “fancy” examples we see around.

The issue with Nvidia’s videos is that they consist of a series of 300 slides without any comprehensive tutorials covering topics from A to Z. For instance, there’s a lack of guidance on creating cinematic couplings, implementing code in scenarios, importing CAD from existing systems, and making it functional in the Omniverse environment. The tutorials are often overly focused on specific, less practical problems, or they stretch out simple tasks, like spending 50 minutes drawing a cube using Python. Where are the tutorials that guide users through more practical tasks? Is it feasible for an average person to accomplish these tasks, or are they projects that require months of work from a sizable team?It seems like there’s a significant emphasis on showcasing Nvidia’s capabilities, but there’s a lack of practical tutorials to demonstrate how to utilize these capabilities effectively. This raises doubts about whether the content is primarily marketing-oriented rather than providing valuable guidance for users.

Hi @nader.alkhatib. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the feedback! This question would best be directed on the Isaac Sim forum: Isaac Sim - NVIDIA Developer Forums

I’ll contact the team though and see if they can reach out to you.

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Hi @nader.alkhatib - You can find more detailed information about Isaac Sim in this document: What Is Isaac Sim? — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

And as Mati mentioned, pls post questions on Isaac Sim forum, and we can discuss further there for any questions you might have.

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