Extract Textures from USDZ


I’m wondering if it could be possible to extract the textures embedded/baked in a USDZ file.
in order to be able to export in GLB…

Many Thanks

A USDZ file is essentially a zipfile with certain requirements. You can simply extract it with any unzip tool , though some might require you change the extension to zip.


Many Thanks for the tip,

I’m a little confused, because it looks like the textures are correctly saved in the archive, I don’t understand why they are lost in the export GLB (using Nvidia USD Composer)…

Is it because the “path” is entered as “absolute” instead of “relative” to the geometry?

Many thanks

you may need to validate USDz to GLB is supported in the composer, textures embedded into a USDz have a separate path to load than textures on a file system.

Also just validate the pathing is correct in the USDz itself, the pathing should be relative to the USDz and look something like @[0]/texture/texture.png@


Yes I guess that the issue is somewhere here…

My texture paths are “absolute” from "C:" and nit relative to the 3D file…

I guess that’s why all textures are lost in the GLB