Draw Mode and Unloaded Payloads

One of the examples in the USD WG Assets repot is a Teapot, and a scene demonstrating all of the draw modes. When I open the DrawModes.usd file in usdview with 23.08, and unload the payloads, the draw mode boxes/cards/axes all disappear unexpectedly.

Maybe this was/is a faulty memory; I thought that as long as the draw mode and extents is lofted above the payload, that you’d still get the geometry expected… that was one of the features I intended to demonstrate when committing it. Though perhaps this wasn’t tested like I thought. Is this a bug/regression? Or did I miss something in the model itself? I thought this layer had have everything setup for this to work: https://github.com/usd-wg/assets/blob/main/full_assets/Teapot/Teapot.usd

Thanks in advance!

I remember a PR a few years ago (NVidia, I think?) to enable DrawMode drawing for unloaded models, which we accepted. So this sounds like a regression to me, @chris.rydalch - can you file an Issue for it?

Okay after a bit more digging here, we’ve narrowed things down a bit more. Here are two issues we’ve logged:

Regarding the draw modes, it seems like it’d be useful if unloaded payloads could draw as bounds, cards or origin, and even draw mode color? Are there any drawbacks to adding support to these other draw modes.


I’d say mention the modes in the Issue, @chris.rydalch ? I would have assumed that all three of those modes would have been supported when the feature was working (assuming, for bounds that extentsHints have been authored on the component prim), but don’t recall for sure.