Crate version defaults

As I’m perusing the crate format, I noticed that USD_WRITE_NEW_USDC_FILES_AS_VERSION is set to default to 0.8.0

However the Crate version history lists up to 0.10.0 currently. Is there a policy for bumping that up to newer crate versions? I see both 0.9 and 0.8 are from 2019, so I wanted to check why 0.8 is the current default.

Even when the default version is 0.8, if you save a crate file that contains timeCode data, it will “upgrade” the file dynamically to 0.9. Given that, and our unsurety about whether various platforms were all up-to-date (iOS is one of the ones we weren’t sure about until recently), we decided not to be aggressive. But it does seem like now should be safe to upgrade to 0.9.0 as default - would you file an Issue or PR for that, @dhruvgovil ?

Oh interesting. I wasn’t aware of that behaviour.
And yep, I’ll put up a PR later today to bump to 0.9