Windows clang compilation, crash in TfRefPtr remove reference

Hello, we are using Microsoft’s Visual Studio compiler (VS2022) to compile OpenUSD under Windows, and are developing functionality using Hydra v2 (scene index). For the purposes of computing code coverage on our own project, we are using clang version 16.0.5, from the VS2022 optional installation, and linking against the VS2022-compiled OpenUSD.

Things are mostly working well, save for one important exception. On removal of last reference to a scene index, causing its destruction, we get a crash in

usd_tf!std::_Atomic_storage<int,4>::compare_exchange_strong+0x38 [inlined in usd_tf!pxrInternal_v0_23__pxrReserved__::Tf_RefPtr_UniqueChangedCounter::_RemoveRef+0x62]

To work around this we are leaking scene indices in our code coverage build.

I realize that a mixed VS2022 / clang coverage configuration is definitely not mainstream, but if this raises bells for anyone I would appreciate any hints. Thanks a lot.