USDZ File suggestion


How can I open Usdz files in windows operating system, thanks?

Is there suggestion for related software?

Many 3D applications support USDZ. Several are listed here Products Using USD — Universal Scene Description 23.11 documentation

It would really depend what you’re trying to achieve.

You can also download a prebuilt version of usd from NVIDIA which I believe also includes usdview

Lastly, you can build USD from source which includes usdview.

Something that should be on the page @dhruvgovil linked, but is not, is the Windows Shell Extension that Activision published, which I have not personally tried, but aims to provide similar functionality for USD in Explorer as you would find in Finder on a Mac.

Also, if you happen to have a Mac, I believe (based on my last attempt) that Xcode can read USDZ files. It offers at least a quick way of viewing them.