UsdGeomPoints Visibility Filter


I need to import a point cloud as a UsdGeomPoints prim and filter the points based on additional attributes. For instance, I have an attribute for each point named value_1, and I want to hide all points where value_1 is less than 10.0. What is the best method to make specific points invisible? I have experimented with setting the width to 0.0, which works, but I’m looking for the most efficient and effective approach.



Hi @Nick , I think setting width to zero is probably your best option, currently. The UsdGeomPointInstancer provides more specific, and sparsely-specifiable mechanisms for not-drawing certain point-instances. In our pipeline that is a common need, whereas disabling points in a Points primitive is not. It would be possible to incorporate invisibleIDs' and inactiveIDs` into the Points schema, though renderers would need to adopt support for it… curious what others here think about that.

We are thinking about a feature that may make it easier to author the widths more sparsely as an override, but that would still leave you using widths for visibility.

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