Updating light paramaters in FilteringSceneIndex plugin in Hydra

I’m trying to edit light parameters in a HdSingleInputFilteringSceneIndexBase ( my GameManager toy ).
I naively assumed I can just edit these, and I can indeed see them dynamically updating in the Hydra browser ( intensity, exposure and color )

but I don’t see any update in any render.

I can properly update xform/matrix on the same light and see the update in the viewport.

I’m updating the data with generic HdContainerDataSourceEditor objects,
with HdDataSourceLocator pointing at the right places.

I can’t find any other location with light parameters, but maybe I’m dirtying the wrong thing… ?

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious here :slight_smile:


Hi Paolo,

Do you use an HdOverlayContainerDataSource to change the light parameters ?
The locator to dirty the light params is HdLightSchema::GetDefaultLocator().

Hey David,

I use an HdContainerDataSourceEditor and set the Overlay.
I don’t use directly an HdOverlayContainerDataSource.

I use the LightSchema default locator, and I’m also using the MaterialSchema and tried a lot more schemas together too.
The parameters are changing, when I see them in the HydraBrowser.

I can see in the code that the OverlayContainerDataSource is propagating changes to children… maybe that logic is what I’m missing ?

Are you able to edit the exposure/intensity of a light with OverlayContainers ?