Upcoming OpenUSD License Update

Hey everyone,

We wanted to give an early heads up that we’ll be renaming the OpenUSD license in the upcoming 24.08 release. There won’t be any changes to the licensing terms and conditions. See the FAQ below for more details!


What’s Changing?

To date, USD has been distributed under what we called a modified Apache 2.0 License. We now have a new name for our license: the “Tomorrow Open Source License” or “TOST.”


The Apache Foundation asked that we change the name, and we have decided to comply with their request.

How does this affect the license?

The terms and conditions will stay exactly the same. The only changes are 1) to the title and 2) the addition of an informational statement clarifying the difference between the standard Apache 2.0 license and this license.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any questions or concerns about the license, please contact us at openusd@pixar.com.