Translation when Rotating?

Hi all, I have a very basic scene where I have a stage with my up-axis being z. There is a camera prim placed at (0, -30, 0) that has a RotateX(90) applied to it so that it matches the up-axis of the stage. The camera starts off by facing the origin, and then I move the aperture in a circle and offset the camera to get a certain effect. Now I would like to somehow keep the camera at the origin, which I thought I could achieve by rotating back in the opposite direction the aperture moves but I’m ending up with a net translation along the -x-axis. This is probably an issue with my axes but I was wondering if this raised any red flags for anyone that could help me with the issue. For reference, the camera is moving in a quarter-circle CCW from its starting position.


I have attached a file that replicates what I am experiencing.
spherical_to_xyz_rotation.usda (43.6 KB)

I had my axes swapped around… the problem has been solved