Stitchclip weirdness


We are caching some heavy basis curves that are going to be deformed in the pipeline and are running into a weird situation where the stitchclips.topology.usda seems to be duplicating the very dense curves into the topology file.

I noticed that each frame of the basis curves we have cached do not contain timesampled attributes - is this a problem?

Any tips would be appreciated!

Hi Patrick… the first issue definitely sounds like a bug. If you can provide a repro, would you file an Issue?

It is not a “problem” that all clips do not contain data for all prims. By default, on those frames where clips-with-missing-data are active, the clipSet will provide no data and so likely the BasisCurves will disappear. But there is an arg you can provide to usdstitchclips --interpolateMissingClipValues that will “fill in the gaps” by interpolating (or holding from the left if arrays differ in size) between the most proximal clips in the clipSet that do provide data. Note this option is a bit more expensive for value resolution since we need to search to find the relevant clips, but we find it useful in simulation cases where a single sample is authored in each clip, to get better motion blur because it also enables interpolation between adjacent clips, i.e. just as if the clips were “flattened” into ordinary timeSamples, and in that case, the extra cost is negligible, I believe.