Custom USD prim motion blur

we have a usd prim that we develop. It inherits from BasisCurves.

However for some reason when SamplePrimvar function is being called to get the point data only 2 samples are always requested.
Even when “geometry render settings” LOPs node is used to set the number of subsamples to something high it is always only 2.
Is there something that needs to be set up so that usd would request more subsamples?
Thx for any help.

This sounds like an issue with the render delegate. I assume you are using Karma… CPU or XPU? Can you attach a sample hip file? Or better yet submit a bug report with a hip file to Just create something with a regular deforming curve. Your custom prim should be completely unnecessary as a first step, so we can at least make sure that karma and the geometry settings are being configured properly in your setup. Thanks!

@mtucker thx for the answer. I’ve tried it with renderman and karma.

One thing that bothers me is that it says that there is a limit by the number of samples present in the scene on the “geometry render settings” node.
I wonder if there is a way to force usd to use a certain number of subsamples.