Reading/decoding audio in usd

I wanted to start looking into audio, and how to manipulate geometry based on input audio.
Some like this:

and before I go with my custom audio reader in a sceneindex or any other usd plugin, can I leverage what’s already in OpenUSD in UsdMediaSpatialAudio for example ?
Is what’s there already able to decode and pass audio details downstream ? what actual renders an audio file ?
I’m starting from scratch, so even a simple c++ implementation of how to playback an example spatialAudio file would be fantastic.
Thank you!

That’s pretty cool, @paoloemilioselva ! UsdMediaSpatialAudio has no implementation in OpenUSD yet, though we are very open to contributions that would render spatial audio in a cross-platform way.

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Not exactly the same as my previous video, but I was able to use @nporcino LabSound in my Hydra gameengine.
This is keyframed animation (from a json file with left-right notes), with animated booleans to play the note of each emitter (key).
All in OpenUSD and Hydra which means you can use it in Solaris, usdview and all usd+hydra compliant hosts, with my custom sceneindex plugin obviously.

Headphones on :slight_smile:

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I love seeing this :slight_smile: I’ve been wanting to connect LabSound to USD for years but have never had time to devote to it, this is so amazing to see and hear!

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