OpenUSD Introductory Developer Learning Path

There is so much ground to cover when you are learning OpenUSD and certain topics can go very deep as well. There are great learning resources out there, but developers can feel overwhelmed when they start if they don’t know in what order to learn things or what to focus on.

At NVIDIA, we created an introductory USD learning path for developers, Getting Started with the Basics of OpenUSD Authoring and Querying. It consists of self-paced, hands-on courses and tutorials and will hopefully be the first learning path of many more to come. Learning paths are focused on a specific goal and provide a plan from start to finish. Clear descriptions and learning objectives help you make sure that what you will learn aligns with your goals. We want developers to get up and running with OpenUSD without having to spend their valuable time scouring for the right resources. If you are just starting out with learning OpenUSD, we really believe that this new learning path is a great place to start.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing Matias. It really is a great resource to get started!

I am a beginner with open USD and I’ve decided to “learn in public” by doing small experiments. My first attempt was to write a prototype of a CLI tool that can detect UV overlaps. You can check it out here if you are curious: GitHub - JakobJK/uvOverlapsinUSD: Detecting UV overlaps in a USD scene graph - I hope to port it to C++ once I am a little more familiar with the API.

If you are blogging, coding, experimenting, or involved with USD please feel free to share a link where I can follow. I’d love to meet the community and see what you’re all working on!

I hope my post is not too off-topic. Let me know and I can adjust accordingly.

Hi @JakeJK! That looks like a nice script.

I’ve very much interested in hearing more about how developers are coming along in their USD learning. I think “learning in public” can help others on their journey and hearing feedback about the process will help us improve the documentation.

Thanks for this content! I’ve added it to a list of “learning content” that I’ve been slowly collecting over the past couple months (feel free to edit that page if needed): Learning Content - USD Working Group - Confluence

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Thanks for adding it there @dsyu. I updated/added a few of the NVIDIA links.

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