OpenUSD 23.11 release now on Github

Hi all!

The release candidate for OpenUSD 23.11 is now available on Github! :tada: You can see what’s new in the CHANGELOG.

We anticipate officially releasing 23.11 on Friday, October 20th. Please post any questions or feedback you may have in this thread, and file issues in our GitHub repository for bug reports. :pray:

Thank you!


We’re seeing a fairly reproducible segfault that seems to have been introduced with 23.11 on macOS.
Filed Segfaults in HgiMetal on USD 23.11 · Issue #2745 · PixarAnimationStudios/OpenUSD · GitHub

Thanks for flagging, Dhruv!

We’re working on fixes for the above issue and Storm shader compilation errors on Intel Arc GPUs #2743 as well and anticipate having a new release candidate up soon! We’ll also push back the official release date so folks have a few days to review the new release candidate.

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Hi all!

The new release candidate for OpenUSD 23.11 is now available on Github. Let us know if you have any feedback!

The anticipated release date is now Thursday, October 26.

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Hey @jesswang

Seems like a lot of the links in the #Documentation section of the Changelog file are broken:

Hi Paul! Good callout!

I think you might be referring to the links to documentation at (eg Rendering user guide, Variable expressions user guide), and that’s actually expected behavior in this short window between the release candidate and actual release.

If you change “release” to “dev” in the URLs, you can see the documentation. For example:

I hope that helps, and sorry for the confusion!

Hello all!

The OpenUSD 23.11 release has been pushed to Github :tada:
See the CHANGELOG for what’s new!

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Congratulations on the release and thanks for the quick turnarounds on the issues

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