OpenUSD v24.05 release candidate available on GitHub

Hi everyone,

The release candidate for the upcoming 24.05 release is now available on GitHub under the 24.05-rc1 tag . The CHANGELOG for this release is available here:

We intend to officially release 24.05 next week Monday, April 15th. Please post any questions or feedback you may have in this thread, and file issues in our GitHub repository for bug reports.

Thank you!

  • Varun

Looks like a great update!
The links in the Documentation section of the CHANGELOG are not working. Maybe it is because those pages will go live at the official release next week? Just asking in case it was not expected :slight_smile:

Hey @guillaumelaforge

Thanks for checking these link. Yes these will go live with the release, but if you want to review these, you should be able to just change the “release” with “dev” in the link.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.


Thanks! (and yes it works)

Hello all,

The 24.05 release has been delayed to incorporate a fix for a just-discovered regression
in imaging for point instancers using native instances as prototypes.

A new release candidate incorporating this fix has been tagged as 24.05-rc2 on GitHub.

We now anticipate releasing 24.05 on Friday, April 19th.


  • Varun