Maya USD 0.26 Released

The Autodesk USD team is happy to announce the release of Maya USD 0.26 on Github. Highlights include:

  • Added ability to bulk edit multiple prims with many USD commands in the Outliner.
  • Added right-click USD context menus in the viewport.
  • Added ability to set the stage’s default prim in the Outliner and in the Attribute Editor.
  • Added ability to set a prim path when adding a reference or payload.
  • Added support to exclude exporting some types of objects like cameras and lights in the exporter.
  • Added new USD section in the Maya Preferences.
  • Added preferences for using relative paths when creating sublayers, references, payloads and more.
  • Added viewport preference when in untextured mode for displaying prims using either material colors or display colors.
  • Added drag-and-drop support in the Outliner.
  • General stability improvements.

See the link above for the full changelog.