Is it possible to grab rays?

Let me exaplain, I’m quite new to usd ecosystem so be patient, please.
I have an implicit rendering system and I would like to add usd support, at least a limited usd support.
Export the implicit structure in usd would be too long and I’m not sure I would get the correct final result.
Actually it works in this way, beasically I grab all the rays generated by the renderer and try to intersect with my internal strucutre, on hit return true otherwise false.
An hydra delegate doesn’t make sense because I don’t want be a renderer for everything or at least I want be a renderer only for my reference.
A shader? for what I have seen usd describe the surface properties, I’m looking into the API for something like “hey here is a ray just generated by the renderer”.
I know probably confused ideas, any idea is welcome.


Hi Gennz,

If you’re trying to load Usd data into your renderer, you could take a look at the hdEmbree render delegate in the OpenUSD repo as a starting point.

Hope that helps!