I have a question about USD variant with attribute using python

Hello, I’m a beginner at USD.

I understand that I can check the value of that attribute by typing “prim.GetAttribute (‘Attr:Name’).Get(0)” in Python without checking the attribute value using the USD viewer. By the way, just as I can check the changed value of the data configuration according to the different version after changing the version using variants in the USD viewer, how can I check the attribute value of the changed data value using Python without opening the viewer?

Is there only a way to open the usda file itself like the last image, modify the text, and read it again?

Hi, @seungyeon
So sorry that there wasn’t a response to this sooner.

Did you manage to solve this?
I’m not sure I fully understand the question but it sounds like you want to query the attribute value after changing the variant.

I’d recommend running through this tutorial Authoring Variants — Universal Scene Description 24.05 documentation

Essentially you’d just set the variant on the variant set, and then as normal, just get the attribute angain and get its value. USD would automatically give you the one inside the variant.