About purposes used in scene "da Vinci’s Workshop" by NVidia

Here is my first post on the forum !

We have tried with @SashaL this scene from NVidia for tests, and I hope somebody here will be able to answer us about it : https://docs.omniverse.nvidia.com/usd/latest/usd_content_samples/davinci_workshop.html

If you look at props in this scene, it appears that Default prim, witch is the parent to any others, is set with “Render” purpose. (Is there any raison for that? Same question for scope “Looks”)

As far as we have understood purposes, it may generate conflicts when trying to draw proxies, and for the Looks we do not see how it could help to anything. But it may have some other raisons we have not yet figure out, and we will be happy to learn from you.

Thank you

I’ll loop in some of the NV folks who worked on DaVinci to this thread.

Hi Frederic!

Unfortunately, as far as I can remember, the purpose is not set on those two Prims intentionally. I’m happy to share how it got set, but it’s deep in the weeds of our asset pipeline.

Purpose is intentionally set on the geo/ and proxy/ Scopes, which masked this during visual inspection.

Thanks for pointing this out, and let me know if you have further questions!


Thank you Aaron for the loop.

Wil, understood thank you.

It is great to have you guys replying as fast in this forum !

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