UsdUtils.ExtractExternalReferences converts <udim> to 1001 in 23.11

we are in the process of updating USD from 23.02 to 23.11 and noticed a change in the returned paths.

we have a simple test USD that points to a texture using <udim> tag in the path

#usda 1.0
    upAxis = "Y"

def Scope "mtl"
    def Material "material"
        token outputs:surface.connect = </mtl/material/PBRShader.outputs:surface>

        def Shader "PBRShader"
            uniform token info:id = "arnold:standard_surface"
            color3f inputs:base_color.connect = </mtl/material/diffuseTexture.outputs:rgb>
            token outputs:surface

        def Shader "diffuseTexture"
            uniform token info:id = "arnold:image"
            asset inputs:filename = @C:/CODE/pyCharm/pipeline/fin_unittest/TEST_PROJECT_0/_Temp/Creatures/gorilla-tex/lookDev/texture/texture/0001/gorilla-tex_lookDev_texture_v0001_base_colour.<UDIM>.exr@
            color3f outputs:rgb

when we query the dependencies of this file using UsdUtils.ExtractExternalReferences
we get the exact same path as in the USD file from 23.02. However, 23.11 returns it as: gorilla-tex_lookDev_texture_v0001_base_colour.1001.exr'


this may have unforeseen implications in our pipeline and I wanted to check if this is the desired outcome and what the thinking behind it is. From the current API we don’t know if this is a single texture or a sequence (maybe the artist wants to have the same texture on all udims etc?)