Render Settings Not Working?

Hi all,

I have installed Renderman and am now trying to use render settings to adjust the resolution of the image (for testing purposes) but nothing seems to change no matter what resolution I set. Here is the code to set the settings:

if renderer_id == "Prman":
        render_prim = UsdGeom.Scope.Define(stage, "/Render")
        settings_prim = UsdRender.Settings.Define(
            stage, "/Render/RenderSettings")

        if resolution:
        # settings_prim.CreateCameraRel().AddTarget("/Camera")
        rs_prim_path = stage.SetMetadata("renderSettingsPrimPath",

And here are the two images: One with resolution set at (1024, 540) and another at (100, 200)

Note that I am on USD 23.08, Python 3.9.13, Renderman 25.2.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Dinel,

How are you producing these images? Are you using usdrecord, or are these screenshots of usdview, or are you using other tooling?