OpenUSD v24.03 release candidate available on GitHub

Hi everyone,

The release candidate for the upcoming 24.03 release is now available on GitHub under the 24.03-rc1 tag. The CHANGELOG for this release is available here:

We intend to officially release 24.03 next week Friday, February 23rd. Please post any questions or feedback you may have in this thread, and file issues in our GitHub repository for bug reports.

Thank you!

  • Sunya

Congratulations everyone. Very significant release.


While looking at the changelog and some commits, I noticed that d6a333 kind was added along with other Model-related properties. But then 2b998f removes kind specifically. I very well could have missed something, so apologies in advance.

Wouldn’t that be counter-productive? I’d have thought having kind available would be essential to (as an example) differentiate between prop, character, assembly, or other kinds, in your render. Without having to re-author kind in some other primvar.


@chris.rydalch , this was done out of conservativeness, and based on:

  1. Aside from “Model Draw Mode”, which needs to query whether a prim is a component (and can actually now be answered directly by a UsdPrim query rather than going through the KindRegistry), we have not yet needed to consult kind in Hydra
  2. But more importantly, note that Pattern Based Collections can query prim kind, and we expect that “Recipe prims” will use that to do rendering-centric partitioning of the scene.
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Thanks spiff!

One other question: the extensions to GeomSubsets looks exciting! Is there a technical limitation/reason edge subsets only apply to Meshes and not BasisCurves? Or are should point subsets cover material assignments, subsets of basiscurves?

Sorry @chris.rydalch - somehow I didn’t see this post till now. Great question - one we discussed alot! We came to the conclusion that neither “edge” nor “point” is really a good way to capture/decompose curves primitives. So we have a followup task to add a segment GeomSubset type that will be specifically applicable to curves, for which it is always well-defined. It’s just that curves weren’t as high-priority for the UsdPhysics folks that were requesting the extensions we recently added, so we decided to pause and take on some other projects, first.

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Let me partially retract that - point is perfectly meaningful for curves. Just edge that isn’t well-defined.


Question about geomsubset with those changes is there now support in Hydra v2 (SceneIndex) for them or is this still outstanding? Probably a question for @spiff


@Razupaltuff , we don’t have any work planned to teach Hydra about any other kind of Mesh subset than face, and no plans for Curves or (at this time) TetMesh, either. We are considering Hydra GeomSubset support for Points (as discussed in this Issue from @dhruvgovil) and PointInstancers (stay tuned).

The recently added Subset types were added in support of binding PhysicsMaterials for the UsdPhysics community, not any need (other than maybe once you get into modelling applications built on native USD representations) for rendering. We’re open to such needs in the future, but it’s not a priority for us now - thanks!

Oh, I think I was way to vague about my question about GeomSubsets, sorry. What I was specifically hinting at was support for material bindings on GeomSubset prims. This doesn’t seem to be supported yet with Hydra v2. Only have 22.11 right now, so I don’t know if this is already addressed in 23.03.