Nested variant sets?


Does anyone have a simple python example of how to nest variant sets? The example here: USD Terms and Concepts — Universal Scene Description 24.03 documentation does not seem to work with the version of usd we are using (22.05) - is this a limitation of that version or did something change?


Sorry, @patricknagle , that example has been outdated since I think 2018, I think. But it is at least easy to fix: replace all four appearances of “Append” with “Add” - that should do it. Would you kindly file a bug about that on OpenUSD?

I personally really liked the examples provided in the VFX-UsdSurvivalGuide for Variants by @LucaScheller :heart: especially that it shows both high-level Usd API examples as lower-level Sdf API examples for manipulating USD Variant Sets in Python.

Some other areas touching variant sets in his documentation:

Side note: Could you rephrase your topic title to be slightly more relevant, e.g. “How to create nested variant sets with Python?”