Looking for usda and usdc file format specifications

Hello! I’m looking for file format specifications for usda and usdc. From reading the USD documentation, I can mostly infer the usda file format, but I’m sure I’m missing some details. I see how most “USD concepts” map to the file format through the examples, but I would really like to see a formal specification if such a thing exists.

I haven’t found anything (other than reading source code) to grok the usdc file format.

For usda, I’m looking for essentially a “language specification”. Something like:

  1. starts with #usda 1.0
  2. Followed by a metdata block
  3. Followed by a sequence of definitions

A metdata block is is a literal ( followed by…
A definitions is a literal def followed by …

And similarly for usdc something which indicates how data is packed, encoded, framed, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @cheshirekow ,

This is something that the Core Specification working group of the AOUSD will be creating

ah, very good. Thanks for the reply. I i’ll keep an eye out for that then.