Is there a way to disable / enable plugin

I am searching for a way to disable a plugin through plugInfo.json or during runtime.
I would expect something like :

    "Includes": [ "*/resources/" ],
    "Excludes": [ "myPlugin/resources" ]

Or something in PlugRegistry.
But nothing was found. Anyone has an idea?


Hi @colin, there isn’t any such plugInfo-based mechanism. Internally, we add a pixarInit.cpp into our build of libplug, which defines a second, lower-priority ARCH_CONSTRUCTOR that further modifies the search paths used by the PlugRegistry. We do some really boutique stuff in there, like decide which of a set of Presto plugins to load, depending on which RenderMan version our configuration is using, and also excluding whole classes of plugins depending on what DCC is using USD.
Don’t know if that’s helpful, and I haven’t asked around about how we’d feel about adding a plugInfo-based exclusion mechanism. I could imagine it being tricky if multiple plugInfos could express exclusions, and/especially if exclusions about paths that are not subpaths of the dir containing the plugInfo…

Thanks @spiff for the clarification.
It’s help a bit :slight_smile: