ASWF USD Assets Working Group | APAC 2023-11-16

Hi everyone,

The USD Assets Working Group (APAC friendly timezone) is meeting on
Thursday, November 16th at 2pm Pacific (PST).
Everyone is welcome to join.

The agenda for this meeting is:

  • How to describe high and low quality assets in USD: variants and/or purposes, something else ? (topic proposed by Alan Kent)
  • Foliage of trees and grass animation (topic proposed by Alan Kent)
  • Encapsulated material binding test assets ( Matias Codesal presenting )

Meeting link (LFX registration optional):

Meeting notes can be found here:

More details about the working group can be found here:

Please feel free to reach out to us, comment below or come to the meeting with new items, question, and ideas - all are welcome!

Reminder, this is happening this week :slight_smile:

this is happening in 10mins