Animating RenderVars

Hello, I’m looking to render a sequence of images but I only need one frame of the sequence to contain all the debugging AOV’s. In Solaris it seems as though I can animate the orderedVars but the animation doesn’t come through the ROP. I looked at value clips and I do see changes in the orderedVars per clip, but is there a recommended/possible way animate the renderVars on a renderProduct? Thank you!

Interesting, @Truant … this is something we did not anticipate. RenderProduct.orderedVars is a relationship in USD, and relationships cannot be animated. If this is something UsdRender needs to support “natively” then we’d need to add more schema.

You have a couple of options, currently… first, depending on how much control your harness/job-submission software has, you can override orderedVars in the session layer for the other frames. Second, you could create a second RenderProduct prim that references the first, and override just the orderedVars… though you’d then need a second RenderSettings prim as well to target that Product.

Or you could specify the orderedVars inside a variantSet on the RenderProduct prim, and drive the selection with an expression variable

Thanks for the info @spiff ! It’s good to know what my options are. We are essentially running a turntable and the frames are rather large, so I don’t want the disk footprint of all the aov’s for each frame, just a single image to examine each aov. I’m looking forward to using the expressions but we are locked to an older version, so I won’t be able to utilize those yet.

I do have a hook into a pre-frame script for husk, but I think the path of least resistance for now would be just to write a second USD file to render that single frame with all the aov’s. Thanks again!

I was going to suggest the pre-frame hook in husk.

Or, if you render each frame with a separate husk process, just have two rendersettings prims in your scene and pick the “all AOVSs” render settings prim for the first frame. The slightly nicer thing about this approach compared to a pre-frame hook or a variant selection driven by an expression variable is that there is already a husk command line option to render with a specific render settings prim.

Oh, I do quite like that idea. I can just use the same usd file and fire off a second deadline job with the --settings arg to husk to render the AOV job. Thanks again!